Custom logo design for your unique brand

Custom Logo Design

A strong logo design is the first step to creating a refined look for your business. Your logo is the central piece of your business identity and is the #1 way to establish recognition. Make sure your company stands out with a professional and unique logo design for your new business or company rebrand!

Logo Design Samples

Logo Package Pricing

Take advantage of our expertise. We will put together a professional, custom design that takes into consideration your unique style and strategy.



  • 1 logo design idea + 1 set of revisions


  • 1 vector file
  • 1 high resolution JPG file
  • 1 PNG file (no background)




  • 3 logo design ideas + 3 sets of revisions


  • 1 vector file
  • 1 high resolution JPG file
  • 1 PNG file (no background)




  • 5 logo design ideas + 5 sets of revisions


  • 1 vector file
  • 1 high resolution JPG file
  • 1 PNG file (no background)



If you’ve used up all your revisions, but want to see more variations on one or more of the design ideas, you can get additional revisions for $20 per proof.

Additional sizes, formats, etc.

Want a vertical version of your logo + a horizontal version? Need some custom formatting done for Facebook, Instagram, etc? We can do that for an additional fee – please inquire.

What makes a good logo?

When you’re looking for a logo design or re-design, you want to approach it with some strategy. Your logo is the focal point of your company’s brand image and is often how you establish recognition. Considering the importance of this piece, it’s a good idea to know what to look for in a good logo design.

  • Straightforward – Is it clean, simple, easy to read? Clutter is not good – it makes your logo hard to process. People generally like simplicity, because it’s easier on their brains. So don’t worry about making your logo completely literal with a plethora of words, images, and symbols. The easier it is to process, the easier it will be to remember.
  • Aesthetic – Does it look professional? Is it balanced and cohesive? Studies have shown that people make snap judgments based on appearance, often without thinking about it.
  • Distinctive – Will people remember it? Is it interesting, unique, and original? Is it different from other logos within your industry?
  • Relevant – Does the style and imagery align with your industry? Does it have any meaning? Is it consistent with your company’s principles… Does it portray the professional image you intended?
  • Timeless – Will it work for years to come?
  • Versatile – Will it work well on different mediums like printed materials, clothing, pens, swag, etc? Is it practical for printing (e.g., number of colours, laser printing vs. press printing)? Since printing is cheaper in black and white, will the logo also look good in grayscale?
  • Vectorized – Do you have a vector file of your logo? This is a very important file that will be used for high quality print materials, vehicle decals, signage, etc.

What is a vector file?

A vector file is an image file that is created using special design programs. Vector files (like .AI or .EPS) are the working file in which you can move shapes, change text and colours, or otherwise edit the design. They can only be opened and edited using design software like Adobe Illustrator. Rather than being created with a pixel grid, vector files are based on paths, nodes, anchors that have a fill and/or stroke. Sound like jibberish? Basically, what you need to know is that because of their special structure, vector graphics can be resized to whatever dimension and remain crystal clear, rather than becoming blurry or pixelated.

Need to vectorize your existing logo?

If you don’t have a vector file, you may need to have your logo vectorized. Ask us how we can help!